Energy Efficiency Financing

Energy Pace Finance can provide financing for capital needs as small as $50,000 on up to $10,000,000 at rates near the property owner’s likely borrowing rate. You can choose any of the following financing options:

Energy Pace Finance provides Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing which during 2014 is expected to become a common financing mechanism. State legislatures around the country have recently endorsed allowing private capital to finance energy efficiency upgrades through property tax assessments without any financial risk to the government. This not only enables a simple and low cost financing mechanism with rates as low as 4.50%, terms can be extended for as long as 20 years.

Leasing can provide on or off balance sheet financing, rates as low as 5.5%, typically only 2-3 payments up front required, $1.00, 10%, or Fair Market Value (FMV) end of lease options, and up to 10 year terms can be offered.

Regular loan financing that typically will require 10-20% up front, rates as low as 4.50%, and up to 10 year terms.

Construction loans simplify the process between the Vendor and the Property Owner to pay the project costs during construction and/or eqpuipment installation. Qualification requires a financial source to be ready to take out the financing when project is commissioned.

NMTC help incentivize banks and investors to invest in disadvantaged communities to help create wealth and jobs. The tax credits equal 39% of the investment, paid over seven years. A quick call to us can determine if a building qualifies.

Performance Contracting is an option for property owners. It provides 100% of necessary capital. The payments are made from the energy savings thus the capital provider takes the risk on the repayment.

Tax equity can be provided for renewable energy projects. Buyer of renewable systems can reduce their capital needs by selling the tax benefits to the tax equity provider.

ADVISORY SERVICES We can be engaged by project owners to compile and review the many financing options available along with comparison to the property owner’s own bank prior to making final financing decision.

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