Solar and Energy Efficiency Financing

Energy Efficiency Financing

EPF Solar helps provide financing for projects wth rates often lower than competitors and bank rates. We provide several financing options:

Regular loan financing that typically will require 0% to 10% up front, rates as low as 4.50%, and up 10+ year terms.


Leasing can be either on or off balance sheet, rates as low as 4.50%, 0% to 10% up front, $1.00, 10%, or Fair Market Value (FMV) end of lease options, and up to 10+ year terms.


Tax equity is available for larger renewable energy projects. The buyer of a renewable system can reduce their capital needs by selling the tax benefits to the tax equity provider.


Construction loans can at times be arranged, depending on project, to help developers front the costs during equipment installation.


We can be engaged by project developers or building owners to review the many financing options available and assist in project development.

NMTC help incentivize banks and investors to invest in disadvantaged communities to help create wealth and jobs. The tax credits equal 39% of the investment, paid over seven years. A quick call to us can determine if a building qualifies.


Pace financing is available to finance projects through the building owner's property tax assessments. This not only enables a simple and low cost financing mechanism with rates as low as 4.50%, terms can be extended for as long as 20 years.

Call EPF Solar  today for further information about any of our programs.